How to flod a Paper Crane step by step(with pictures)

Remember how much you like to play handmade origami when you were a child, a piece of paper can bring a lot of fun, today I recommend to you handmade origami crane folding tutorials, relive the joy of childhood.

The handmade origami cranes to do gifts, do decoration is more than good, the legend is that a day fold a paper crane, adhere to a thousand days, you can bring happiness to their favorite people. So don't hesitate, for the sake of the love of people also to persist Oh. If you don't know how to do it, just follow the steps below to fold a thousand paper cranes that come to life.

What do you need to prepare?
1. A square piece of paper.
2. A flat piece of table top.
3. A ruler or bone grate to press the crease (optional).

Paper crane origami tutorial step by step (with pictures)

step 1:

Find a square piece of paper. If you're using a square of craft paper, that's great. If you're using regular printer paper, just fold the top corner down horizontally so that the side edges line up with the bottom edge of the paper, and the long side of the rectangle will grow out. Cut the paper along the bottom edge and it will be a square.

step 2:

Fold the paper in half to form a rectangle. Fold the top half of the paper down so that the top edge of the paper is against its bottom edge, and press out the crease. Unfold the paper again.

step 3:

Fold in the other direction. Fold from right to left. Fold out the crease first, then unfold it. You'll have a cross-shaped crease.

step 4:

Fold the paper along the diagonal. Fold the top right corner down to the bottom left corner. Fold out the crease and unfold. Fold the top left corner down to the bottom right corner. Fold out the crease and unfold again. You should end up with a star-shaped crease.

step 5:

Pull the bottom right part of the top half of the piece to the center line. Fold it up. Do the same with the bottom left part. Your origami will look like a kite from above.

step 6:

Fold the right corner of the top half of the piece to the middle crease. After doing so, the bottom right side will be flush with the crease. Do the same with the left side.

step 7:

Fold down the top corner so that the crease lines up with the horizontal line from the previous step.

step 8:

Unfold all the folds from the last three steps. When you're done, you'll have another square with a face-down opening in the middle.

step 9:

Fold the bottom corner of the square up along the horizontal crease from the previous step to the top corner. Fold the top half of the sheet in the opposite direction of its natural fold, so that the creases are reversed. Pull the outer edge of the paper to the center and flatten it. This creates a diamond shape with one wing sticking out on the left and right.

step 10:

Flip the paper over and repeat steps 6 through 9 on the other side.

step 11:

Fold the outer edge of the diamond to the middle crease.

step 12:

Fold the right half of the piece to the left. Do this as if you were flipping a book. Then flip the entire fold over and do the same on the other side as in step 11. Then fold the right half to the left again.

step 13:

Fold the top tip of the top half of the piece up to the top corner. Flip it over and do the same with the other side.

step 14:

Fold the right half of the piece to the left. Again, just like turning the pages of a book. Flip it over and repeat the operation. The head and tail of the paper crane are now hidden in the middle and the sides are about to become wings.

step 15:

Fold the wings down perpendicular to the body, head and tail.

step 16:

Fold down the tip of the head.

step 17:

Pull out the head and tail so that they are in a straight line with the outer edge of the body.

step 18:

Produce a three-dimensional feel. If you want to fold the finished product in three dimensions, you can pinch the opposite corner of the bottom of the body and gently pull to create the desired three-dimensional feeling.

Enjoy your paper crane. You can give it away, hang it up, or use it as decoration.

Paper cranes TIPS:

1. If you plan to take your paper cranes somewhere, leave the last step until after you arrive at your destination and take them out of your backpack, pocket or purse, etc. Flat paper cranes are easy to pack, and you don't have to worry about them getting crushed.
2. Thinner paper and specialized paper for origami works better. Paper as thin as tissue paper will be difficult to fold, but can be folded beautiful translucent paper cranes.
3. This kind of origami is very popular. If any of the steps are difficult for you, try searching for "origami cranes" using a search engine. Sometimes all you need is a different perspective on the procedure.
The best way to hang a crane is to run a thread through the hole in the bottom and middle of the crane's body, where all the folds meet.
5. Consider using scrap paper, which is more environmentally friendly.

6. Try folding with metal foil to create a metallic paper crane.
7. Try different shapes and materials. Craft stores that make scrapbooks are full of places to make paper for various purposes. You can also find all kinds of paper at newspaper dealers, stationery stores, dollar stores and toy stores.
8. Hang paper cranes on a string to make a stunning view in your living room.
9. Don't use frilly paper !!!!! To give a paper crane an elegant, just-right form, you need a straight-edged paper.
10. A great trick to show off in front of your friends is to tear or fold a square of colored juice fondant and use it to fold paper cranes.
11. Origami crane folding is not too smooth when you put on some soft music, or take a break.


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