How to build a paper rocket step by step?

Today we bring you a fun craft for children - rocket origami tutorial. Simple and fun, perfect for children to learn, put a straw underneath and blow up, the paper rocket can fly!

Children aspire to space, full of all kinds of curiosity about space, and will even plant a space dream, hoping to become an astronaut when they grow up.

Rockets are the tools to fly into space, and children wish they could have a rocket too, so you might as well help them to realize this wish. Use paper to help children fold a rocket.

We can use different colors of paper to fold the rocket, red is very bright, blue as if space is blue, so that children remain in awe of the mysterious space and aspirations.

How to use paper folding rocket it, here to teach you a simple folding method, you can bring the children to try.

Paper rocket folding tutorial↓

The materials we need to prepare are:A square piece of paper, I used a 15 cm square paper for your reference.

Take out a square piece of paper and you can choose your favorite color.

Fold along both sides, then fold again on the diagonal to form the picture above.

Tuck inward along the crease.

Fold the corners of the left and right sides toward the center line.

Fold inward again.

The back part is also folded in the same way.

The bottom corners are each folded outward.

The middle part will be propped up, a simple and fun rocket origami is completed, you learned?

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