Origami Paper Umbrella Crafts For Kids That Opens And Closes

When it rains, we use umbrellas, which are common items in our lives. The children's umbrellas are very cute, and there are different beautiful patterns on the umbrella cloth, which are very popular among children.

What handcrafts for children can be made with paper?

Origami, paper airplanes, paper dolls, paper lanterns, paper flowers, paper fans, and paper mache.


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Why do children like the feeling of holding an umbrella on a rainy day?

Children may like the feeling of holding an umbrella on a rainy day because it provides them with a sense of control and independence. It also allows them to explore their environment in a new way, as they can observe and interact with the rain without getting wet. Additionally, the sound of rain hitting the umbrella and the sensation of the wind blowing against it can be exciting and stimulating for children. Overall, holding an umbrella on a rainy day can be a fun and unique experience for children.

How to make a origami paper umbrella craft for kid that opens and closes?

This is an origami paper umbrella made by a three-year-old girl and her father. It takes about 30 minutes, but the little girl likes it very much, especially the umbrellas of different colors make her very excited.

Degree of difficulty: ☆☆☆

Age: 3+ years old

Time-consuming: within 30 minutes


Color papers



Step 1: Using a square piece of paper, fold the paper along the center line.

Step 2: After folding twice along the center line, then fold the left and right sides again toward the center line to form a large triangle.

Step 3: Use the same method for both the front and back.

Step 4: Unfold all the folding steps just now, and then fold it up as shown in the picture above.

Step 5: Fold the sides towards the middle.

Step 6: Fold the front and back sides in the same way, as shown in the picture above.

Step 7: Use scissors to cut off the excess from the tail.

Step 8: At the head position, use scissors to cut a small part off so that it forms a small circle.

Step 9: Roll up a long strip of paper to form the shape of the umbrella handle, and then pass it through the small circle you just made.

 Step 10: The top of the paper umbrella needs to be glued, and the underside of the umbrella handle can be bent to make it look closer to the real shape.


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 How to make a paper umbrella that can be opened and closed with paper?

Here's a paper umbrella that opens and closes, and it's an easy, exciting craft to do with kids.

Degree of difficulty: ☆☆☆

Age: 3+ years old

Time-consuming: within 30 minutes


Color papers



 After the paper umbrella craft is propped up, the top of the umbrella looks like the picture above. We use paper with petal pattern, so the paper umbrella will be more beautiful. Here you can choose different patterns of paper according to your preference, or draw on the paper by yourself.

Step 1: After four folds, a square of paper is folded into the picture above.

Step 2: Fold inside along the diagonal, form a small square.

Step 3: Both sides of the square are folded inward to form a triangle-like shape.

Step 4: The front and back sides look the same.

Step 5: Fold inward once.

Step 6: The left and right sides are folded the same way, finally presenting the appearance of the above picture.

Step 7: After folding the front and back equally, cut off the excess with scissors.

Step 8: Cut the edges into a curved shape, this step is to make the edge of the umbrella curved.

Step 9: Cut out 1 slit on each of the left and right sides as in the picture above.

Step 10: What it looks like after opening, as shown in the picture above.

Step 11: Cut out the same shape from another piece of paper with a pretty pattern and cover it with the top layer.

Step 12: Cut out a small hole at the tip, this position is the place to put the umbrella handle.

Step 13: Roll the paper into a stick and pass it through the small hole you just cut out.

Step 14: Then put a layer of paper on the top of the umbrella handle to prevent it from falling off.

Step 15: A layer of paper is also taped underneath, which makes it easier to open the umbrella with upward force.

Step 16: Make a beautiful tassel for the paper umbrella and dangle it under the handle.

 Finally, use glue and a piece of paper to paste the tassels together, and a paper umbrella is ready. It can open and close, very small and cute.


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 How to make a rainbow paper umbrella?

Degree of difficulty: ☆☆

Age: above 3 years old

Time-consuming: within 20 minutes


Color papers

Double-sided tape

Plastic straws


This is a simple paper umbrella craft for kids, suitable for about 3 years old. This paper umbrella project is simpler than the previous two, so you can do it with your kids.

Step 1: Prepare some colored paper, overlap them together, draw a circle on the topmost paper, and then cut down along the circle with scissors.

Step 2: This gives you multiple circles of the same size, then fold once along the center of the circle.

Step 3: After the semicircle, fold once more to form a quarter circle.

Step 4: Put double-sided tape in the middle to make it stick together.

Step 5: Following the same method, 10 sectors were obtained.

Step 6: Put double-sided tape between each sector and stick the 10 sectors together.

Step 7: It ended up looking like this, like the picture above.

Step 8: Apply double-sided tape in the middle.

Step 9: Then stick the plastic straws in place.

Step 10: Open the colored umbrellas and tape them together.

Step 11: A beautiful rainbow paper umbrella project is done and you will be too surprised how it looks.

Why do kids love paper umbrella crafts?

1.Creativity: Paper umbrella crafts allow kids to use their imagination and creativity to design and decorate their own unique umbrellas. They can choose from a variety of colors, patterns, and materials to make their umbrellas stand out.

2.Hands-on activity: Making paper umbrellas is a hands-on activity that allows kids to work with their hands and improve their fine motor skills. It also gives them a sense of accomplishment when they see the finished product.

3.Fun and playful: Paper umbrella crafts are fun and playful, which makes them appealing to kids. They can pretend to be in a tropical location or use their umbrellas as props in imaginative play.

4.Easy to make: Paper umbrella crafts are easy to make, and require minimal supplies. This makes them accessible to kids of all ages and skill levels.

Overall, paper umbrella crafts provide a fun and engaging activity for kids that allows them to express their creativity and have fun while doing it.


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