How to fold beautiful apricot flowers out of paper?

Every spring, the ground is full of flowers, and the flowers of various colors are very beautiful. The apricot blossom is a beautiful pink flower. When the apricot blossoms wither, you can eat delicious fruits in autumn.

The folding method of apricot blossom is still relatively rare, especially for some inexperienced people, it may be difficult to start. How to fold a beautiful apricot flower in the end, please refer to the following apricot flower folding tutorial for details.

How to fold beautiful apricot flowers out of paper?

1.For a square origami of 15 times 15, fold both sides first and then fold the diagonal cross in half.

2.Fold to the cross point, fold it in half and cut it along the edge.

3.Press the five edges inward along the crease, as shown in Figure 6.

4.Then fold the triangle upwards and fold the lower side toward the middle.

5.According to the folding method shown in Fig. 7 and Fig. 8, the apricot flower shape as shown in Fig. 9 can be folded soon.

6.Finally, use a red marker to draw a stamen in the middle of the flower, and a beautiful apricot flower will be folded.

 Apricot blossoms can only be seen in spring, and their flowering period is not very long. But apricot blossom has a kind of plain beauty. Although it is not as gorgeous as peach blossom, its freshness and elegance are also refreshing.

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