15 Ways To Make Easy Frog Art And Crafts For Preschoolers

Frogs are amphibians that can live not only in water but also on land. Preschoolers may not know frogs yet, and these frog arts and crafts can help them.

There are educational printables, DIY toys, life cycle activities, STEM crafts, small worlds and more. 

1. Origami frog that can bounce

Origami frog may be a more difficult paper frog tutorial, but it does not affect children's love for it at all, because this origami frog is placed on the table, press the tail of the frog with your finger, then it will jump forward, just like a A live frog, the kids love doing things like that.

2. Easy Frog Craft Can Jump

This is the second way of doing paper frogs. Use scissors to cut out the frog's head and four feet, paste the eyes on the head, draw the mouth, and finally fold the paper strips in half repeatedly, like a spring, Use your finger to move the frog's head, and the paper frog will shake up and down. Isn't this tutorial very simple? You can try it!

3. Make Frog With Paper

The common sense about frogs may not be very familiar to children. From small tadpoles, they grow up slowly until they become frogs. Children may be interested in the cute appearance and jumping movements of frogs, and they are not as rich in nature knowledge as adults. This paper frog made of paper strips is also very simple to make, with a bulging belly, very elastic and cute.

4. Paper Cup Straw Happy Frog

A cute frog can also be made with a paper cup and a plastic straw, and we can pull the straw up and down, and the frog's hand will cover its eyes, just like playing hide-and-seek with children, allowing children to play happily with laughter , a very interesting handmade work.

5. The Naughty Paper Frog That Pops Its Tongue

This is a frog that can "stick out its tongue". Use scissors to cut a big circle, fold the big circle in half and paste it on the paper, then cut out the frog's eyes, punch a hole in the middle of the big circle and pass it through a plastic tube, and put a plastic tube at the top Glue the rolled up strip of paper, blow on the straw, and the strip will stick out and retract like a frog "sticks its tongue out".

6. Shredded Paper Frog Sticker

Children are the best at messing things up, and almost anything in the house that they can get their hands on will be destroyed. Shredded paper paste painting is a way of creation that children like. We teach children to tear out the shapes of lotus leaves and frogs with their hands, and then paste them on a piece of paper. Use colored pens to outline the patterns of lotus leaves and the color of frogs. A preschool child paste painting is completed.

7. Leaf sticker frog painting

Leaf painting is a creative method closest to natural materials. We can collect various leaves in the park or on the side of the road, pick them up and cut out the shape we want with scissors, and then paste them together with glue. Can make a beautiful leaf painting. Isn't this frog made of leaves very cute, and it is also very environmentally friendly, without wasting more paper.

8. Paper Cup Frog Lady

Paper cups are not only a tool for drinking water, but also one of the most commonly used materials in children's creations. You see, this is a cute "Miss Frog" with sexy red lips, as if telling a story with you.

9. Paper Frog In The Rain

This frog seems to have come out of an anime. On a rainy day, the frog's hurried pace, the water on the ground ripples, and the leaf umbrella in the frog's hand makes the whole work very pictorial. If you like this painting too, you can try it.

10. Roll Paper Playful Frog

Cut the paper into strips, then cut out the frog's legs, paste the frog's big eyes, roll the strip into a cylinder, and place it on the table to move when the breeze blows. This is one of those things that preschoolers think is easy and you can teach your kids to try it together.

11. Easy Frog Paste Painting

The characteristics of frogs are two pairs of thin legs, a big belly and a pair of protruding eyes. As long as you grasp these characteristics, you can do a good job in frog craftsmanship. This frog paste painting is also very simple, it is recommended that your children give it a try.

12. Easy Paper Frogs for Preschoolers

Easy paper frogs for preschoolers, this may be the simplest one. Tape the bottle caps on two pieces of paper, and then paste the eyes and tongue. Relax your hands to the middle and then pull them tight, you can hear the "bang", is this toy fun for preschoolers?

13. Paper Frog That Eats Bugs

Frogs are ecologically beneficial animals. Their main food is insects. They can eat a lot of harmful insects a day and help plants grow healthily. Even the mosquitoes we hate are one of the main foods for frogs. This playful paper frog can play a game of frog-eating insects by tying a rope around its tongue and tying an insect decoration.

14. Plasticine Frog Handmade Project

Color clay is a commonly used handmade material, and it is not recommended for preschool children because they may eat it as food. This frog made of colorful clay is very beautiful. It is placed on a blue tray, and there are lotus leaves and lotus flowers. It is very interesting.

15. Easy Paper Plate Frog

To make a frog made from a paper plate, you only need to paint the paper plate green, cut out the eyes and tongue and paste it, and finally paste the paper-cut in the shape of hands as the legs of the frog, which is very interesting and simple. If your child is under 3 years old, you can teach him to make this easy paper frog craft.



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