How to make a Halloween ghost night light craft?

If you are looking for creative crafts for Halloween, such as Halloween decorations and Halloween ghost night light tutorials, here is a collection of tutorials that may be able to teach you how to make a Halloween ghost night light craft.

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You'll love how simple this is! In just seven easy steps, you'll turn into a Halloween craft machine.

How to make a Halloween ghost night light craft?


  • paper tube
  • balloon
  • white glue
  • water
  • cotton tissue
  • small fan
  • small night light

How to make a Halloween ghost night light craft in 7 easy steps

1.Cut out a small piece of a paper tube.

2.Then inflate a small balloon to prevent it from leaking after it is tied, and then put the balloon on the paper tube.

3.Prepare some white glue and water, stir thoroughly, put the cotton paper into the mixed liquid, so that the tissue paper can fully absorb the liquid.

4.Then place the cotton paper on the balloon, as shown in Figure 5.

5.Use a small fan to blow the cotton paper towel to make it shape quickly.

6.After the cotton paper is shaped, puncture the balloon and put "eyes" and "mouth" on the cotton paper.

7.Put a small night light inside the shaped cotton paper, it looks like a "ghost" very much.

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