Wood creative vase art design

We usually put the flowers we bought in vases so that we can keep the flowers alive longer. But porcelain vases are very easy to break, and wooden creative vases are a very good idea.

Wooden vases that can’t hold water are a major disadvantage, but they are also very good for holding plastic flowers. Of course, they are also very beautiful for decoration at home.

Today’s wooden creative vase was made by a carpenter. It took a few hours and the final product was surprising.

Wood creative vase art design

A small piece of wood, with the patience of the carpenter, first took on a rough shape. After the shape of the vase appears, draw the approximate shape of the flower on the body of the vase, and then proceed to sculpt the shape. After carving, polish the vase to increase its gloss, of course, for a better hand feeling. Finally, it is to color the flowers of the bottle. The whole process seems simple, but it requires a solid carpenter's basic skills.

How do you feel after reading this wooden creative vase art design work? In addition to envy, do you want to have such a skill?

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