Heart-shaped paper box ideas

Children like beautiful storage boxes. They always put their favorite things into storage boxes and then pour them out again and again. Such bewildering behavior makes adults incredible.

Today I teach you how to make a small heart-shaped storage box out of paper, which can be used to hold candy or some small objects. The materials that need to be prepared only need handmade paper.

Heart-shaped paper box ideas

1.First cut the handmade paper into a square.

2.Fold the square handmade paper in half as shown in Figure 2 and Figure 3, fold into the same as Figure 4.

3.Open the folded handmade paper in the same way as in Figure 5 and then fold the other two corners in the same way as in Figure 6.

4.Then fold the two sides inward according to the method shown in Figure 7 and Figure 8, so that a square box is formed.

5.Press one corner inward as shown in Figure 9 to form a heart-shaped box.

6.Fold a box of the same size in the same way and cover one on top of the other so that a completely closed storage box is completed.

You can use different colors of paper to make different small storage boxes. Is this heart-shaped paper box very simple? You can try it. If you want to teach children how to do handicrafts, follow us and we will not miss any new handicraft information.

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