DIY mini paper cleaning kit for preschoolers

Teaching children to do housework is a very important thing. Children are curious about many things in life. It is indispensable to teach them how to correctly use the tools in life. Such as cleaning, washing clothes, summarizing toys, etc.

The DIY mini paper cleaning kit not only satisfies children's curiosity, but also teaches children how to sweep the floor on the desktop, letting them know the steps and methods of cleaning the floor.

DIY mini paper cleaning kit for preschoolers

1.Prepare a piece of A4 paper and then fold it in half vertically.

2.After folding in half according to the method of Figure 2, it will be the same as Figure 3 after opening.

3.Fold the folded paper in half according to Figure 4, then stick double-sided tape in the middle to stick them together.

4.According to the method shown in Figure 5, put a rubber band on the lower part to complete a "broom".

5.Prepare a paper cup, draw a line as shown in Figure 6, and cut out a tool for holding garbage along the lined part.

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