Sunflower craft ideas for toddlers

Sunflower looks like the sun very much, so they are called sunflowers. The sunflower symbolizes positive energy, the flower language is faith, brilliance, arrogance, loyalty, and affection. It means silent love and represents the brave pursuit of the happiness you want.

The sunflower handcraft is very easy. You only need to prepare a few handmade papers of different colors to do it successfully. After following the sunflower tutorial below, you can also teach children to make it easy.

sunflower craft ideas for toddlers

1.Prepare a blue handmade paper and two small white handmade papers.

2.As in Figure 2, cut the white handmade paper into a cloud-like shape. Then paste it on the diagonal position on the blue paper as shown in Figure 3.

3.Cut out a yellow round piece of paper and draw a smiling face on it.

4.As in Figure 6, cut out some small yellow paper strips, which can be used as sunflower "petals".

5.Paste these small yellow pieces of paper around the smiley face so that the sunflower craft with the smiley face is finished.

Sunflower craft ideas for toddlers are very easy.  If you also like to do handicrafts with children, follow our website and share it with friends around you.

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