How to make a yarn painting art of flowers?

You can create a picture without paints and pens. There are many ways of painting leaves, clay painting, sand painting, yarn painting, and so on, and children like them very much.


You might not think of using yarn to paint at all. Yarn is used to make clothes and other woolen products. How should yarn painting be made? My son has picked up the yarn and can't wait to make yarn painting crafts with me.

How many girls like to make a beautiful flower painting with yarn. There are some simple production methods that allow people of different ages to make crafts with different degrees of difficulty.

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How to make a yarn painting art of flowers?

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Degree of difficulty:☆☆☆


Time-consuming:20+ minutes


  • yarns
  • glue
  • papers
  • crepe paper
  • scissors

Notes before preparation of the yarn painting art of flowers

1.The wool is in different colors, which is also children's favorite for color matching.

2.What shape of flowers can be made according to the children's favorite way to try.

3.Glue and scissors are more dangerous things, stay away from children who are too young.

How to make the yarn painting art of flowers in 3 easy steps

1.Roll up the three colors of wool as shown in Figure 1-3, and paste it on A4 paper with glue. 

2.Then use crepe paper to make the stalks and leaves of the flowers, and paste them under the flower.

3.Finally, cut out the clouds and the sun with paper and paste them on the upper part of the paper.


This is a simple yarn drawing project, suitable for children around 3 years old to make. If the child's hands-on ability is poor, it can be completed with the guidance and help of parents. In addition, if you want to improve the children's color distinction and the improvement of their hands-on ability, accompany the children to do more crafts, and your children will become better. 

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