DIY easy Mother's Day card craft tutorial

As a child, who has no money to buy Mother’s Day gifts for her mother, how should they give their mother some meaningful gifts? In fact, there are many kinds of festivals to celebrate Mother's Day, even the last sentence "I love you" is very heartwarming.


Painting, origami, postcards, etc. can all be used as gifts on Mother’s Day. If you like these methods, then they are also a good choice. While expressing your full of love, you can also make your mother feel that his technology of painting has improved, and his heart has unlimited love for his mother.

DIY easy Mother's Day card craft tutorial

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Children are very smart and give their mothers gifts on Mother's Day. To express their gratitude to their mothers, what would be better as children?

1. Children can draw a picture by themselves and give it to their mother on Mother's Day, because most children like to draw. This is a good choice to express their feelings and make mothers happy.

2. On Mother's Day, you can sing a song or perform a show to your mother.

3. Help mom with housework. On Mother's Day, you can help mom sweep the floor, wipe the table, wash the vegetables, and so on. Do some small things that you can do, thank mom for her hard work.

4. Washing mother's feet, this thing is relatively simple, it is indeed a very warm thing. Pour a basin of water for mother during the holidays, wash her feet, and wish her a happy holiday.

5. Using the usual pocket money, you can buy something you like to eat, such as fruits, nuts, etc., as gifts for your mother. I believe that my mother will be very happy to receive it.

6. Children can also give mother DIY a small gift to mothers, such as ceramic DIY, cake DIY, or chocolate, for mother.


Degree of difficulty:☆☆☆

Age: all ages

Time-consuming:30+ minutes

All you need:

  • paper
  • scissors
  • color pencil
  • glue
  • marker

DIY easy Mother's Day card craft tutorial in 7 easy steps

1.According to the method shown in Figure 1, fold a square piece of paper 3 times to form a small triangle.

2.Use a marker to draw the shape of the petals, and then cut them out with scissors, as shown in Figure 2.

3.Cut off another petal of the cut flower, and then paint the middle with yellow, as shown in Figure 3.

4.Cut off another petal of the cut flower, and then paint yellow in the middle, and then apply glue to paste it, as shown in Figures 3-4.

5.Use the same method to fold and cut out 7 identical flowers, and then apply glue on the shaded areas as shown in Figure 6.

6.Paste these 7 flowers in the manner shown in Figure 7, and sandwich them between a piece of black paper. After opening, the flowers will appear in full bloom.

7.Finally, paste some decorations on the surface of the black paper, or write some greetings for Mother’s Day.


Do you like the DIY easy Mother's Day card craft tutorial? There are many ways to celebrate Mother's Day. Children can help their mothers with housework or wash their feet according to their preferences.

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