How to make a paper rainbow fan in summer?

Are you looking for ideas about summer crafts? Watermelon crafts, ice cream crafts, and fan crafts are all loved by children. I think you want to know how to make a paper rainbow fan in summer.

Children like colorful things, and they use multiple colors in their paintings. This may be the characteristic of children's childishness. In summer, a fan is a very practical small object. This is a summer craft made by my 3-year-old son. How about do you think?

You'll love how simple this paper rainbow fan craft. It is just in five easy steps, you can do it with your children together. Maybe you will become a paper craftsman.

How to make a paper rainbow fan in summer

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  • paper
  • glue

How to make a paper rainbow fan in summer in 5 easy steps

1.Use a piece of light blue paper and stick paper strips of different colors on both sides, as shown in Figure 1 and Figure 2.

2.According to the method shown in Figure 3, fold this piece of paper.

3.Fold the folded paper in half again, then apply glue in the middle and stick it together. As shown in Figure 4.

4.According to Figure 1-Figure 5, use the same method to fold the other one, and then paste them together, as shown in Figure 6.

5.Then fold two pieces of paper of the same size into two long strips, as shown in Figure 7 and Figure 8.

6.Paste the strip of paper on top of the rainbow paper, so that it looks like a rainbow circular paper fan, and it can be shrunk.

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