16 Arts And Crafts Boat Ideas And Images You Can Try

For kindergarten children, DIY handmade origami should be an extremely happy thing, especially the origami boat is the favorite of children and easy to learn, so the origami suitable for kindergarten children should be as simple as possible.

Kindergarten children like to tear the paper to shreds or scribble on paper, which may seem like a bad habit, but it can be seen that the children have been growing and making progress. If your kids like to fold something out of paper, then this easy paper boat craft will be a great option. There are 16 arts and crafts boat ideas and images you can try.

There are many ways to fold paper boats, and we can use different materials to make boats of different shapes. For example, we can use paper, discarded bottles, cans, etc. The following handicrafts can help you develop more imagination and think of saving resources while making craft boats.


Dragon Boat Image

The Dragon Boat Festival is a major traditional festival in China, commemorating the great patriotic poet Qu Yuan. On this day, everyone will eat zongzi and row a dragon boat to commemorate him. The folding method of this paper boat is not very complicated.

Easy Paper Boat

Manual origami allows children to learn to think in the process of origami, exercise hand coordination, and improve their hands-on ability. In the early stage of children learning origami, parents can teach their children some simple folding methods, such as diagonal folding, diagonal folding, concentrated corner folding, four corners to the center corner, etc. After that, parents can provide children with some children's origami books, and let the children learn origami while looking at the pictures. After the children learn to read the pictures, they can do origami by themselves. This simple paper boat is very suitable for children over 3 years old to learn.

Paper Awning Boat

Origami is a very popular activity for children. A small piece of paper can be changed into different shapes after simple operations. In the game, you can feel the magic of origami. Origami can not only exercise Our hands, eyes, and brains can also develop intelligence, increase patience, and have various benefits. The folding method of the awning boat is also not difficult, you can probably do it in 10 minutes.

Laundry Detergent Bottle Sailboat

 Laundry liquid is a daily chemical commonly used in our lives. When we run out of laundry liquid, the empty bottle is estimated to be thrown into the trash can. However, if you use your imagination, you can also use the waste to make children's crafts, such as this laundry detergent bottle sailboat. You can completely follow this shape and cut the laundry detergent bottle to make it look like this.


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Can Boat Craft

We usually like to throw these empty beer bottles and cans into the trash can, but we don’t find that these can be reused at all. We can use these empty bottles to make children’s handicrafts, help children understand and learn handicraft, which will teach children A lot of knowledge can also help children improve their hands-on ability.

Paper Fanc

The method of making a paper sailboat is also very simple. You only need to fold a simple paper boat, then make three things like sails on the boat, and paste them on the paper boat. This paper sailboat craft is not difficult at all, you can try it with your kids.

Paper Warship Craft

A warship is a kind of ship used in war. It has a lot of military equipment in it. If your child is very fascinated by the military, it is a good idea to teach him the craft of folding paper warships. Only do it on things that children are interested in. Research, they will progress faster.

Paper Fanc

This is another paper sailboat. Its method is similar to the previous one. Folding paper boats can help improve children's hands-on ability. Parents can take their children to do these things from time to time, and you will find some surprising progress in children. 

Wu Peng Boat

Wu Peng boat is relatively common in China. It was invented by people in ancient times. Look at this Wu Peng boat. Although the style is very complicated, it is very beautiful. This boat can not only shelter from the wind but also from the rain, it is a means of transportation for people to travel in their daily life. Do you see how simple this paper boat is, and are you willing to try to make one?

Paper Titanic

This paper ship looks like a ship, like the Titanic. We don't want the Titanic to happen again, it will always be a pain in our hearts. The method of searching for the paper Titanic is also very simple. Just use scissors to cut a circle and fold it in half, and then cut out a lifebuoy and two chimneys and paste them on the paper boat. Isn't it very simple?

Paper Speedboat

We often see speedboats in lakes and rivers, and they often appear in tourist attractions because the price of speedboats is relatively expensive. The speed of a speedboat on the water is even faster than that of a car. If you are lucky enough to experience a speedboat, then it will make you feel the speed of flying, what do you think?


4 paper dragon boat craft ideas for kids at the Dragon Boat Festival

Paper Zongzi(Rice Dumpling) Dragon Boat Craft

Dragon Boat Festival tumbler paper rice dumpling(Zongzi) craft

Chinese Dragon Boat Festival clay and paper Zongzi craft

Chinese Dragon Boat Festival paper rice dumpling(Zongzi) pendant craft

Paper Sailboat

This paper sailboat is like a dragon boat, just like the dragon boat of the Dragon Boat Festival, but it is also like a sailboat, and its approach is similar to the previous one. You can try to fold different shapes of paper boats, and then match them with sails, maybe you will see different effects.

Can Boat Craft

We usually throw Coke cans in the trash, but do you know that it has other uses? For example, we can use cans to make a boat, just like the picture above, it will float when placed in the water, and it can even swim automatically in the water if it is installed with a motor. Isn't this a very cool can boat craft?

Paper Boat Craft

There are many ways to fold boats, if you like all kinds of boats, you can try to make them. Ships are a means of transportation in our lives, and you may rarely take them, but they are an indispensable means of transportation in the ocean. You can see that the folding method of this paper steamer is relatively simple, you can try it.

Paper Speedboat

This is another type of speedboat, which is obviously smaller than the one above, but the speed of this speedboat is very fast. The folding method of this paper speedboat is slightly more complicated than the one above. Would you like to try it?

Wu Peng Boat

This is also a kind of awning boat. The above one has a canopy in the middle of the boat, and this one has both the bow and the stern. Which one do you like? You can try to fold a variety of paper boats. You may find that the folding process of paper boats is not as complicated as you think. Remember to teach your children when you learn it.

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